Saturday, March 9, 2013

‘Great’ turnout at Qatar Academy Quackfest

There was a great turnout at the Qatar Academy (QA), a member of Qatar Foundation's event, which encouraged its students and their parents to donate to local and international charity projects at its student-organised annual Quackfest yesterday.

The event at QA senior school grounds attracted a large number of students with their parents. There were a number of commercial participants who put up more than 20 stalls,  displaying artworks, artifacts, clothes, gifts and sweets. Food items from different places were on offer. Students took part in different activities.

Heather Schuaberow, a QA teacher and organiser of the event, said that donations collected through the event would mainly go to Eravur Education and Development Institute in Sri Lanka and QA’s  community and service programmes.

She explained that QA had tied up with local and international charities such as Qatar Charity and Roots & Shoots, which is the Canadian-based Jane Goodall Institute’s global network of youth taking action to make the world a better place and other charities as well.

A considerable part of the donations will be allocated to Syrian people and orphan support in different places around the world such as Somalia.   

Schuaberow was satisfied about the turnout of visitors, describing it as “great”. She expected to raise around QR10,000 as net donations for the various causes. Allana Beaton, QA arts teacher, displayed her students’ production of artifacts and selling them at prices down to QR5.

She said that the sales of her goods surpassed expectations as visitors were attracted to have a look and buy some, expressing their admiration at the skill and innovation of students’ work.

Steve Parenteau, QA head of counselling and support services, said that QA was trying to raise students’ awareness’ of  labourers’ issues and make them directly communicate with such category to enlighten them about their rights and how to approach them.

He also pointed out that QA often donated used and new computers, laptops and mobile phones to workers to facilitate their communication with the world.

Meanwhile, Mukhtar, a QA teacher of Islamic studies, said that his department took part in the fair through raising students and their parents’ awareness about dilemma and sufferings of the Syrian people and people of other conflict zones, and how they should do something to ease their hardships.

He said that donations for such causes had been increasing over the years.

The event incorporated fun, shopping, musical shows, games, traditional Henna drawings, community service and a good opportunity for concerned families to share the activities of their children from near.

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